AR# 8375


ABEL: Signal properties ignored: Warning 18818:Could not find signal or instance <signal_name> associated with property <property_name>.


Keywords: ABEL, Webpack, Blif2net, tilde, underscore, properties, attributes,
foundation 2.1i, underscore, tilde

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Property statements, including pin assignments, are being dropped or ignored
for signal names with leading underscore or containing a tilde.
Blif2net issues a warning that these signal names are being renamed in the netlist.
(i.e. Warning 18861:PIN name my~sig being renamed to mysig.)
Blif2net then warns that it could not find the original signal names to which to
apply the property.
(i.e. Warning 18818:Could not find signal or instance my~sig associated with
property LOC.)


This problem affects ABEL 7.0 included in both Foundation 2.1i and Webpack2.1.

This problem will be fixed in ABEL 7.20 included in Foundation 3.1i and Webpack 2.1WP5.1

Workarounds are:
1) Avoid the use of tilde or leading underscore on signal names to which you need to
attach and pass any properties;
2) Find the signal's new name in the log/report and apply the properties in the UCF.
AR# 8375
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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