AR# 8381


2.1i COREGEN, SOLARIS, HP: Coregen appears to scan newly installed cores every time it is started up


Keywords: coregen, new, core, ip, solaris, workstation, hp

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Coregen appears to scan newly installed cores every time it is started up. Normally
Coregen should only have to do this once during startup after an IP update is installed.

The problem may be observed when a system administrator installs a Coregen IP update,
but does not start up the CORE Generator application immediately afterward to allow it
to rebuild the resources.lib database.

The $XILINX/coregen/ip/resources.lib database file In the 2.1i release contains a
listing of all installed cores. resources.lib is built up by Coregen when it first starts up,
and is also updated by Coregen if it detects that new cores have been installed.
If your system administrator installs a new IP update, but does not also start up Coregen
to rebuild this database, all other users will see this problem every time
they try to start up Coregen because their Coregen sessions do not have the proper
permissions to update this database. However, outside of the slightly longer startup
time, the CORE Generator will still run.


The solution is to have the system admin install the IP update, and then start up
Coregen immediately afterward in order to update this database file.

There have been instances where resources.lib does not get updated even when
the system administrator is starting up the Coregen application. If this happens,
check the following:

- Is the $XILINX/coregen/ip directory and the resources.lib file writeable by the administator?

Correct any write permission problems.

If this does not work, try deleting the resources.lib file and forcing the CORE Generator to
regenerate it from scratch.

AR# 8381
Date 09/05/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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