AR# 8443


CPLD 7200: Are there 7200 devices left? Are there any compatible devices?


Keywords: 7200, availabile, pin compatible

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Are there any 7200 devices available? What about pin compatibility to a
newer device?


The 7200 series was one of the first CPLDs designed by Xilinx. There are not
any more 7200 devices available. Additionally, there are no direct pin-for-pin
replacement parts available.

The 9500 device family is as close as Xilinx has available. However, the 7200
was an EE based process, while the 9500 is a flash based process.
Additionally, even devices in the same package are not pin compatible, and
will require some re-layout of the board.
AR# 8443
Date 01/19/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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