AR# 8446


2.1i COREGEN: Format of the COE file for the C_IP4 Virtex DA FIR Filter core (with sample file)


Keywords: distributed, arithmetic, fir, filter, coe, coefficient

Urgency: standard

General Description:

The format of the .COE file for the C_IP4 Virtex DA FIR core is different from
the COE files used for the 4K FIR Filter cores.


For the Virtex core, the only valid
variables that can be specified in the COE file are

RADIX : radix you are using to specify coefficient values, and
COEFDATA : comma delimited list of coefficient values

When specifying the coefficients, you must make sure that the number of
coefficients specified matches the number of TAPs you have specified
in the DA FIR customization GUI, and that you have correctly specified
whether the collective set of values are Signed or Unsigned.

Sample .COE coefficient file for a symmetrical 12-tap DA FIR filter with
signed coefficients:

CoefData= -1,18,122,418,-40,3, 3, -40, 418, 122, 18, -1;
AR# 8446
Date 01/15/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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