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AR# 8488

Hardware - What is the maximum ICCint for the various Xilinx FPGAs? (Virtex, Spartan)


The DC and Switching Characteristic data sheet lists the maximum quiescent ICCint, but it does not list the maximum dynamic ICCInt. What is the maximum dynamic ICCint for a given Xilinx device? The data book lists max VCCint, but says nothing about current.

The DC and Switching Characteristic data sheet for any given Xilinx FPGA can be found at:


Select any one of the FPGA device families, then select the DC and Switching Characteristic data sheet for the respective family.


There is no hard limit on ICCint. The limiting factor is the amount of power that can be dissipated by the package while still keeping the die below its rated maximum temperature (80C for commercial, 100C for industrial).

The figure of merit for the "amount of power that can be dissipated by the package" is ThetaJC -- the thermal resistance. This differs from package to package and changes when you add a fan, heatsink, or both.

To determine your maximum ICCint, you must take four factors specific to the design into account:

- What is the package?

- What is the ambient temperature?

- What is the temperature grade?

- Is there any heatsinking or forced airflow?

More information is available in the Packaging and Thermal Characteristic User Guide located at:


AR# 8488
Date 12/15/2012
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Type General Article
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