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Spartan-II Power Estimation - What resources are available?


Is K-factor or other power consumption data available for Spartan-II devices?


There are currently no plans to publish a K-factor for Spartan-II. As an alternative, the Virtex Power Estimator will provide a reliable estimation of power consumption in Spartan-II devices. As with Virtex, the reliability of the estimation is dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered about the design (e.g., clock frequency, toggle rate).

Another alternative is XPower, which is a graphical power estimation tool that supports Spartan-II designs.

To access both the Virtex Power Estimator and XPower, go to:

Virtex Power Estimator: Products -> Devices -> Virtex Series -> Power (under "Related Features" on the right side)

XPower: Products -> Design Tools -> Verification Technologies -> XPower

Below are direct links:

Virtex Power Estimator:


AR# 8548
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
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