AR# 8574


EXEMPLAR : ERROR:NgdBuild:201 - An EDIF value has exceeded the maximum string limit of 500 characters


Keyword : Exemplar , Leonardo , EQN , INIT, EDIF , exceeded, maximum, 500.

Urgency : Standard.

General Description :
Leonardo produces EDIF file with EQN attribute to define LUTS. This was fine with the 4K devices.
But with Virtex EQN attribute is redundant since we have INIT attribute to define the LUTS. But when
the EQN attribute is greater than 500 characters Ngdbuild throws out an error.


In the case of Virtex, one can stop the generation of EQN in the EDIF net list produced by Leonardo
by adding the following options in his script and modifying his write command.

# Turn off eqn property in EDIF file
set edif_function_property ""
# Turn on INIT property in EDIF file
set xi_write_init_on_luts TRUE
# Process database
set rename_rule XILINX
write -format edif D:/fdesign/exemplar/nofred/fred.edf

# To reset edif writer to use EQN property
set edif_function_property "EQN"
AR# 8574
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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