AR# 8594


2.1i COREGEN: Unrecognized option -INITFILE error when invoking CORE Generator from the Windows Start Menu


Keywords: unrecognized, start, startup, setup, CS4

Urgency: standard

General Description:
The following error may be seen when invoking the CORE Generator application
from the Windows Start Menu: "Unrecognized option -INITFILE"

For example:

[Loaded d:\Xilinx\coregen\lib\com\xilinx\coreutil\message\MessagERROR:
Unrecognized option -INITFILE
Xilinx CORE Generator 2.1i
Usage: coregen [-b <command_file_name>]
[-i <coregen_ini_file_name>]
[-p <project_path>]
[-q <polling_dir_path>]
<command_file_name> is the path to the Command file to be
<coregen_ini_file_name> is the path to the Coregen ini
file to
be loaded, or it will load this file from the Project
<project_path> is the path to the Coregen Project.
<polling_dir_path> is the polling directory.
-h displays this usage message.
[Loaded java/util/Vector.class from
d:\Xilinx\coregen\java\nt\jre1.1.5\lib\rt.jar] "


The problem has been seen to be associated with an incorrect
version of the coregen.class file located in


The wincoregen.exe executable was added to fix a problem with a DOS box
coming up when the CORE Generator started up on Windows
platforms. When this fix was made, the Windows Start Menu
shortcut was modified to point to wincoregen.exe instead of the
coregen.bat file.

At the same time this fix was added, the CORE Generator Coregen.class
file was updated to support the -INITFILE flag The CORE Generator
starts up properly using the coregen.class included with the CS4 Service

This problem appears to have cropped up again in SP5. It will be re-corrected
in SP6, due at the end of March. In the meantime, you may request this file by
contacting the Xilinx hotline.
AR# 8594
Date 09/05/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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