AR# 8605


2.1i Install: Solaris Install hangs in Java window


General Description: It has been seen that the install window

will just hang. This can happen on the welcome screen, as well

as one of the following screens before the installation begins.


The first thing to ensure is that the Welcome screen is coming

up correctly. If it is not, verify that the users system setup is correct.

That is, if they are doing a remote install, or through an XTERM, that

the display is properly set up. (Page 6-4 of the Alliance 2.1i Release

Notes and Installation Guide).

If the Welcome screen is coming up correctly, then most likely something

else is going on.

The most probably cause is that the user is running the OpenWindows

Environment. While most of the time this is fine, we have seen an ocassional

problem. Therefore, have the user log-off, and log back on under the CDE

Environment, and try the installation again.

AR# 8605
Date 04/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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