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AR# 8617

Virtex-E Select I/O - Can the PCI66_3 Select I/O standard be used with a 33 MHz 3.3v PCI Bus?


Keywords: Select I/O, Virtex, Virtex-E, PCI66_3, PCI, PCI33_3

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The Virtex and Virtex-E devices offer the ability to choose an I/O standard by using the select I/O feature of the device. One of these choices is the PCI66_3 standard. Can this standard be used with a 3.3 V PCI bus at 33 MHz, or must the PCI33_3 standard be used ?


The PCI66_3 standard was designed for use with the 66 MHz PCI bus, while the PCI33_3 standard was created for use with the 33 MHz PCI bus. However, the two I/O standards share the same voltage specification as seen in Table 16 on page 22 of the Xilinx application note "Using the Virtex SelectI/O Resource" (Xilinx XAPP133).

Because of this, the PCI66_3 standard can be used with the 33 MHz bus; however, we recommend that the appropriate standard be used with the specific system configuration to avoid confusion.
AR# 8617
Date 01/28/2003
Status Active
Type General Article
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