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AR# 8678

COREGEN: Where does the binary point lie in the 4K Square Root module?


General Description:

Where does the binary point lie in the 4K Square Root module?


The binary point in the Square Root module result is always at the position

which is 0.5 times its position in the input. For example, if a 10-bit input is an

integer, the binary point can be assumed to be after the 10th bit. So the binary point

in the result will always be after the 5th bit (regardless of the actual value of

the input).

Similarly, if a 10-bit input had a binary point after the 4th bit (i.e., xxxx.yyyyyy)

then the result would always have the decimal point after the second bit. The

fractional portion of the output is represented as a binary fraction i.e.,

y0*0.5 + y1*0.25 + ...

Note that the core assumes that the binary point on the input is after the last bit,

and will zero extend the MSB to get an even number of bits. If the binary point

is at any other position, you would have to right pad the fractional component

with 0's to ensure that there is an even number of fractional bits in the input.
AR# 8678
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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