AR# 8683


Install 2.1i - Cannot access or target XCV1600E or XCV2000E devices


Keywords: XCV2000E, XCV1600E, part, device, access, install

Urgency: Standard

General Description: I generated a new Virtex-E cd key and am currently reinstalling
the software. I am trying to target the large Virtex-E devices, but they are greyed
out and are not being installed.


The large Virtex-E devices (such as the XCV1600E or XCV2000E) are available in the Xilinx
Elite Software Configuration. To uprgrade your existing package or to purchase a new
configuration, you can contact any of the following :

1) Your local distributor
2) Your Xilinx Sales Office
3) The Xilinx Tele-sales Group (1-800-888-FPGA)

After upgrading or purchasing the Elite package, you will be given a special Elite CD
key. This will unlock the V1600E and V2000E.
AR# 8683
Date 08/22/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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