AR# 8699


FPGA Editor - "Error: FPGAEditor:185 - The output log file '../path/design.out' cannot be created"


General Description: 

The following error occurs when I open an NCD file using FPGA Editor: 


"Error: FPGAEditor:185 - The output log file "../path/design.out" cannot be created."


FPGA Editor writes out a complete listing of all commands operated while in FPGA Editor to a file called "design.out". This file is written to the same directory in which the design.ncd file is located, not to the location from where the tools were launched. Thus, this error can occur if the design.ncd file is located in a directory to which the user does not have write permissions. 


Modify the directory and/or file permissions so that the file can be created. This file holds the information needed to recover your changes to the design if this program terminates abnormally for some reason. 


Another way to work around the program is to either move the design.ncd file to a location in which you have write permissions, or to obtain write access to this directory.

AR# 8699
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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