AR# 8765


LogiCORE 16-pt FFT v2.0 - The slice utilization of a 16-point Virtex FFT is greater than that of a 64-point FFT


Keywords: FFT, CLB, utilization, 16-pt

The 64-point CORE Generator FFT for a Virtex device reports a resource utilization of 1161 slices, while the 16-point FFT uses 1386 slices. Why does the simpler function use more Virtex slices?


The FFT engine has been parallelized to a much higher degree for the 16-point FFT, allowing it to run faster than the 64-point function.

The effect of the increased parallelism is higher performance at the cost of much higher resource utilization, which is why the 16-point function is larger than the 64-point module.
AR# 8765
Date 09/10/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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