AR# 8860


3.1i NGDanno - FATAL_ERROR:Ngd:PhysOnly.c:423:1.11


Keywords: Ngdanno, Fatal, Ngd, PhysOnly

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:

Running Ngdanno on 4000xl designs, the following error may occur:

FATAL_ERROR:Ngd:PhysOnly.c:423:1.11 - pin PRE on block
hine_presen t_state<14>/I$1 is mapped but unconnected Process will terminate.


The workaround is not to use the ngm file.

In order to not use the ngm file (which back annotates the original design files for simulation) follow these steps:

In Design Manager:
Design -> Options -> Edit Options (next to the Simulation pulldown)
Uncheck the Correlate Simulation Data to Input Design
Rerun Implementation

AR# 8860
Date 12/07/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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