AR# 8914


*Obselete* "cannot find ... file algo.alg"


Keywords : hardware, debugger, lab, install, algo.alg

Urgency : Standard

General Description : When opening the Hardware Debugger, a message
appears that says "cannot find cable data file algo.alg".


This problem is seen when a lab install of the tools has been done. The
algo.alg, mlnxsmap.lcf, mlnxserl.lcf and the mlnxjtag.lcf files should be in the
%XILINX%\data directory, but sometimes these files will not be copied with
a lab install.
At this time the recommended workaround is to do a full install of the software
or copy the algo.alg and the *.lcf files from a machine that does have a full install.
AR# 8914
Date 07/29/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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