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AR# 8922

3.1i MAP: FATAL_ERROR:MapLib:basmmtswrap.c:59:1.1 - Failed to build TS database


Keywords: Map, Fatal, TIG, MapLib,

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:

Running MAP, the following error may occur:

ERROR:TSDatabase:40 - One or more TIG directives were specified for a
specification with TSid "TS_rd_clk", which does not exist.
FATAL_ERROR:MapLib:basmmtswrap.c:59:1.1 - Failed to build TS database: 1
error(s). Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the
Answers Database and other online resources at http://support.xilinx.com


The problem is in the pushing of the timespecs through the CLKDLL. The TIG
refers to a TSid that gets pushed thought the CLKDLL to create a new spec,
and the original spec is deleted. Therefore, it creates invalid TSid in the TIG

There are two possible workarounds:

1. Create your own specs at the CLKDLL outputs, then apply the TIG

2. Make the TIG spec global. (i. e. not specifying to any TSid)
AR# 8922
Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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