AR# 893


QuickSim/Solaris: Could not load object file xxx.ss5_b, no such file or directory


Keywords: QuickSim, Solaris, RAM model, ROM model

Urgency: Standard

QuickSim, while running under Solaris, may issue the following error:

'/MANIC/sp_ram32': Problems loading binary '$LCA/gen_lib/sp_ram32/
Could not load object file "/tools/ds344/gen_lib/sp_ram32/sp_ram32.ss5_b"
No such file or directory

This error will occur on all RAM and ROM modules in a design.

Unlike standard QuickPart models, Xilinx RAMs and ROMs are described using
"behavioral language models" (BLMs), which have as their core a binary
executable file. This file is named differently for each platform:
xxx.sss_b for SunOS, xxx.hpu_b for HP-UX, xxx.ss5_b for Solaris, etc.
Under Solaris, QuickSim thus expects to find an xxx.ss5_b file where
none exists.


Solaris-native versions of the RAM and ROM models do not exist in the
released XACT 5.x software. However, an unofficial RAM and ROM patch,
(Xilinx File, is
available. This is a compressed TAR file that needs to be extracted in
the $LCA directory.
AR# 893
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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