AR# 8939


4.1i MAP - "ERROR:basmm:172 - Bad format for LOC constraint 171 on C_nMPC_Oe."


Keywords: MAP, error, basmm, 172, bad, format, LOC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I implement a design that has pin location constraints, the following error occurs if an incorrect pin name is used:

ERROR:basmm:172 - Bad format for LOC constraint 171 on C_nMPC_Oe. To bypass this error, set the environment variable 'XIL_MAP_LOCWARN'



Make sure that the pin LOC constraint was specified correctly; for example, make sure that you specify "P171", and do not simply list "171" as the location.

Setting the XIL_MAP_LOCWARN environment variable will override the error, but will result in the invalid location constraint being
ignored and the I/O being placed elsewhere. This causes a conflict with PCB layout.


This error may also appear if you attempt to lock a user I/O signal to a pin that is dedicated to a particular function (e.g., JTAG pins in a Virtex device). To determine which pins may be configured as user I/O, please see the "Pin Definitions" or "Pin Descriptions" section for the appropriate device in the Programmable Logic Data Book
AR# 8939
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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