AR# 894


Gen_sch8 5.x fails on Solaris with "crt1:bad open" or "libbase: can't open file"


Keywords: gen_sch8, solaris, error, mentor

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Gen_sch8 will halt with an error similar to the following if run on a
Solaris machine:

(Solaris 2.4)
crt1:bad [02] open: /tools/mentor/lib/
Abort - core dumped

(Solaris 2.5) (unknown): fatal: can't open file: errno=2

This is because Gen_sch8 was compiled native to SunOS.


A Solaris-native version of Gen_sch8 does not currently exist. There is no
fix available at this time.

If you are running Gen_sch8 as part of the Fncsim8 or Timsim8 flow on a
design which contains either XBLOX or XABEL components, you can work around
the problem by redrawing your schematic without XBLOX or XABEL modules.
AR# 894
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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