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3.1i Install - General debugging techniques to try if install fails or gives errors


Keywords: 3.1i, install, error, debug, security, java

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General Description: I just tried to install the 3.1i tools, but I cannot.
How should I troubleshoot this problem?




1) Verify that a TMP variable is set, pointing to a valid location, and
that there is plenty of room.

2) Are any programs running prior to install? Try closing all background
applications, and run the installation again.

3) Are there any warning or error messages displayed? Does taking the
suggested action help solve the problem?

If not, take the warning or error message that was received (if applicable)
and search for similar solutions.



There have been some issues with the browser installer on some Solaris
machines. Because of these issues, Xilinx will be moving away from a
browser based install for future install versions. Until then, the following
provides some basic debugging information :

1) Run Netscape stand-alone. For example, if Netscape is installed to
/opt/netscape, have the user run /opt/netscape/netscape.

Verify which version of Netscape was executed by doing a
'Help => About Communicator'.

2) If this successfully pulls up Netscape 4.7 (please see Resolution 3 if a previous version is being used, or install Netscape from the CD), try the install with the -b option (if
Netscape is installed somewhere besides /usr/local/bin/communicator). For the above
example, this would be
setup -b /opt/netscape/netscape
(For further information about the '-b' option, see (Xilinx Solution 9376).

3) Once this comes up, verify which browser the installer is actually using. On the
'Welcome' screen of the install, do a 'Help => About Communicator'. If it is not the
version of Netscape that you are pointing to, check to see if you are using the -b option

4) Does the Java Console come up correctly? From the 'Welcome' screen of the install,
do a 'Communicator => Tools => Java Console'.

Yes - The Java Console begins correctly.
A) Proceed with the Install. Check the Java Console for errors if problems are seen
during the install.
B) When the installer has gotten to the furthest point, in the URL location
of the 'Welcome' screen, type in
Record this message, as well as the Java Console.
C) If errors appear there, search for these errors in the Answers database

No - Nothing happens when I try and launch the Java Console.
The first thing to verify is whether the Java Console can be started in stand-alone
Netscape. If it does not, there is a problem with the Netscape configuration. It
could be possible that there is an incorrect environment or path setup. Also,
if they have a 'CLASSPATH' variable set, try unsetting this.


Solaris (continued)
If the other methods do not work, or if users would like an alternate install method beyond
the browser, a tactical patch has been created. For further information about this, see
(Xilinx Solution 8214).
AR# 8949
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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