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AR# 8966

5.1i CORE Generator, VHDL, MTI: "ERROR: Could not open library unisim at unisim: No such file or directory"


Urgency: Hot

General Description:

When I try to compile the XilinxCoreLib VHDL library models from C_IP4 or later in the MTI simulator, the following errors are reported:

"ERROR: Could not open library unisim at unisim: No such file or directory

ERROR: ./XilinxCoreLib/vfft1024.vhd(1189): Library unisim not found.

ERROR: ./XilinxCoreLib/vfft1024.vhd(1190): Unknown identifier: unisim

ERROR: ./XilinxCoreLib/vfft1024.vhd(1192): VHDL Compiler exiting

ERROR: /home/magruder2/prod_apps/modeltech_5.3d/modeltech/bin/../sunos5/vcom failed."


These errors occur because, as of C_IP4, some of the components in the XilinxCoreLib library (specifically the vfft models) have references to functions in the UNISIM library.

Because of this dependency, you must compile the UNISIM library before you can compile the XilinxCoreLib library.

Please refer to (Xilinx Answer #2561) for details on how to compile the UNISIM library models.
AR# 8966
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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