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3.1i COREGEN: What CORE Generator IP modules are included in the 3.1i CD?




General Description:
What CORE Generator IP modules are included in the 3.1i CD?


All 4K and Virtex cores shipped on the 2.1i CD, plus all the new Virtex
Cores that were supplied as updates to the 2.1i CD, up to and including
C_IP4, including the following:

Accumulator (V1.0.3)
Adder Subtracter (V1.0.3)
Asynchronous_FIFO (V1.0.3)
Comparator (V1.0.3)
Counter (V1.0.3)
Decoder Binary (V1.0.3)
Distributed Arithmetic FIR Filter (V1.0.3)
Distributed Memory (V1.0.3)
FD-based Shift Register (V1.0.3)
Variable Parallel Virtex Multiplier (V1.0.3)
Sine/Cosine Look Up Table (V1.0.3)
Bus Gated with Control Bit (V1.0.3)
Single Output Gate (V1.0.3)
Bus Gate (V1.0.3)
Bit Multiplexer (V1.0.3)
Bus Multiplexer (V1.0.3)
BUFE Based Multiplexer Slice (V1.0.3)
BUFT Based Multiplexer Slice (V1.0.3)
FD Based Register (V1.0.3)
LD Based Latch (V1.0.3)
Numerically Controlled Oscillator (V1.0.3)
Dual Channel Numerically Controlled Oscillator (V1.0.3)
RAM-based Shift Register (V1.0.3)
Two's Complementer (V1.0.3)
Virtex FFT / IFFT - 16 Point (V1.0.3)
Virtex FFT / IFFT - 64 Point (V1.0.3
Virtex FFT / IFFT - 256 Point (V1.0.3)
Virtex FFT / IFFT - 1024 Point (V1.0.3)

The 2.0 version of the DA FIR Filter core is not included on the
CD, but can be downloaded from the IP Updates page,
AR# 8968
Date 08/23/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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