AR# 9049


Spartan-II - How many banks are present in the TQ144 package?


How many banks are present in the Spartan-II devices with the TQ144 package?


The XC2S15, XC2S30, XC2S50, and XC2S100 employ a TQ144 pinout that is significantly different from those for the Virtex family. The pinout enables the Spartan-II devices to support four independent VCCO levels at once. This change was reflected in 2.1i Service Pack 4 and later. 


In the Spartan-II pinout, each pair of banks on a given side of the device has an independent VCCO line. This means that the Spartan-II device in the TQ144 package can simultaneously support four output signal standards, each requiring a different voltage swing.  


The Spartan-II data sheet has been updated to reflect this.

AR# 9049
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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