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AR# 906

5.x XC3000A PPR - Error #1173 fplan.p file cannot be found when PPR is Run From FloorPlanner.


When processing a XC3000A design in the FloorPlanner using the Place command,
PPR reports that it can not find the fplan.p file.


This problem is caused because the Place command is not supported by
PPR with XC3000A devices. This is because XNFMAP which produces the
fplan.p file does not produce the fplan.p file. You can either place the
design from the the Flow Engine after writing out a constraint file in the
FloorPlanner, or you can run the Place and Route command from the
FloorPlanner instead of just the Place command.
AR# 906
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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