AR# 9258


3.1i Install - XC2S200 does not show up in the Spartan2 devices


Keywords : 3.1i, Install, XC2S200, Spartan2, Spartan-II

Urgency : Standard

General Description : I am running through the 3.1i installer, and I have
selected the Spartan2 device group. In the description area, the installer
does not list the XC2S200. Is there a way I can target this device in the
3.1i tools?


The 3.1i installer does not list the XC2S200 device, but it is installed with
the rest of the Spartan2 family. This is simply a problem with the text
description; all files for this device are correctly installed. This will be
corrected in a future version of the installer.
AR# 9258
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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