AR# 9261


3.1i COREGEN, VERILOG, MTI - # ** Warning: Failed to open file C:<dirname1><dirname2><module_name>.mif for reading during Block RAM simulation


When creating a "Dual Port Block Memory" core and specifying a
Verilog flow, the simulation instantiation block in the VEO template
includes a path to the MIF file which is to be loaded to initialize the
RAM during Verilog simulation. When the core is generated on a
PC, a Path may look like the following:



The file is not successfully loaded by the simulator because in Verilog,
a back-slash is interpreted as an escape character that means that
the next letter should be taken as a literal. As a result, the simulator
cannot find this file and issues a warning,which looks like the following:

# ** Warning: Failed to open file D:lab4_coregencoregencore32x16.mif
for reading : D:/CAE_tools/model_tech_5.3d_XE/win32xoem/

As a result, the RAM fails to initialize.


Manually modify the path to the MIF file in the VEO file module declaration,
replacing the backslashes with forward slashes, and re-instantiate the
core in your HDL design then recompile and resimulate.

The problem has been fixed in 3.1i IP Update #2.
AR# 9261
Date 11/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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