AR# 9263


3.1i Foundation ISE - CORE Generator ECS Symbol is not generated by default


Keywords: Foundation, CoreGEN, XCO, symbol, ECS

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After a CORE has been created, Project Navigator
creates an ECS symbol and adds the XCO file to the
project. However, this does not happen if the options
in Core Generator are opened.



1. In Project Navigator, select Project -> Add Source
and browse for the XCO file created by the CORE

2. In Project Navigator, Select File -> Open and browse
for the VHO or VEO instantiation template for the CORE

3. Save the VHO file as VHD, and the VEO file as V. Then
select Project -> Add Source to add the file to the Project.

4. In the Source window, select the newly added source
and double click on the Create Schematic Symbol.

Note: Some information in the VEO or VHO may need to be
commented out.


Regenerate the CORE in CoreGEN without opening
the options dialog.
AR# 9263
Date 01/16/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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