AR# 9274


3.1i Install - Upgrade to Netscape Browser v4.7 in the event that registration information does not get refreshed


Keywords: install, 3.1i, Netscape, 4.7, registration, refresh

Urgency: HOT

General Description:

Upon beginning the installation of the 3.1i software, a user is presented with
information on how to register their product. Selecting one of the 3 choices
(Website, Email, or Fax) opens a separate browser window with the corresponding
information. If one decides to go back to the main install window and subsequently select
another one of the 3 choices (Website, Email, or Fax), the browser information is
not refreshed/updated accordingly.


Upgrading to Netscape v4.7 has been known to resolve this issue.

Additionally, closing the browser and selecting one of the options should refresh
the browser window.
AR# 9274
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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