AR# 9303


4.1i XC4000XV MAP, Leonardo Spectrum 1999.1J - Carry chain components fail in MAP: "ERROR:x4kma:367 - An illegal carry chain configuration has been detected for CY4..."


Keywords: RLOC, CY4, illegal, carry, route-though, F/HMAPs, Leonardo 1999.1J, MAP, x4kma

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
A netlist generated by Leonardo Spectrum 1999.1J containing Carry Chain components(CY4) fails at the map stage with the following error message:

ERROR:x4kma:367 - An illegal carry configuration has been detected for CY4 symbol "ABC"(output signal= XYZ).
The required route-through cannot be performed because no more combinatorial pins are available. Please check the F/HMAPs for defining the usage of this carry comp (mapped physical logic cell).


This problem is due to the absence of RLOCs in the netlist from Leonardo. The 4K architectures must have all carry chains RLOCd.

Check the synthesis script/options and disable the option to "decompose LUTs", as this will remove the RLOC information from the netlist.
AR# 9303
Date 08/20/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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