AR# 9340


Local WebUpdate 11.5 - Software Update downloaded from Xilinx Download Center indicates "No Updates to Display"


I downloaded a software update from the download center, but when I try to install it, I receive a message indicating that there is no update to display. Why do I receive this message?


The following are reasons for the message and ways to work around this issue.

You have already installed the update

If you have installed an update, the update is not displayed when you attempt to install it a second time. There should be no work-around required since you have already installed your update. However, in 9.2i, WebUpdate will allow this use case if for some reason you need to install the update again.

You do not meet the requirements of the update

Some updates require certain configurations (Foundation rather than WebPACK) or certain versions (9.1.01i rather than 9.1i) before they can be displayed and installed. To determine what the requirement for your update is, refer to the XML rules file found in the update. Look for the following text for the update's requirements:

configurationName="<configuration>" (blank implies all).

required mainProductName="<product>"



If you do not meet the listed requirements, the update might corrupt the Xilinx Software installation and, consequently, is not displayed. To work around the issue, you must meet the requirements of the update.

Your registry is corrupt

WebUpdate works by reading what updates you already have from your registry. If your registry (or equivalent xilinxrc file on UNIX) does not have the correct information, there will be no updates to display. Xilinx recommends reinstalling the Xilinx Software so the registry can be repaired.

AR# 9340
Date 04/14/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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