AR# 9402


3.1i Solaris CAE Install : Installer hangs with JavaScript Error : java/util/MissingResource


Keywords : 3.1i, Solaris, Install, CAE, Innoveda, Viewlogic, XC4000XL/XLA/XV,
javascript error

Urgency : Standard

General Description : Selecting the Innoveda (Viewlogic) library and the
XC4000XL/XLA/XV devices causes the installer to hang. It displays a
javascript error, and when typing in 'javascript:' at the URL field it states :

JavaScript Error: uncaught Java exception
java/util/MissingResourceException ("Can't find resource")


A tactical patch has been created for this issue. For further information
about this, see (Xilinx Solution 8214)
AR# 9402
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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