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3.1i Install - Running Design Manager or Project Navigator after install yields "Error: The ordinal 6569 (or 6880) could not be located in mfc42.dll."


Keywords: 3.1i, Install, Design Manager, FISE, error, ordinal, 6569, mfc42.dll

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General Description:
After a successful installation, I launch the 3.1i tools. When this is done, an error similar to the following is issued:

Windows NT
Figure 1 - WinNT Ordinal Error Message
Figure 1 - WinNT Ordinal Error Message

Windows 98



This occurs when the Xilinx 3.1i tools are installed over existing 2.1i tools; Xilinx therefore recommends that you uninstall all previous software before installing the 3.1i tools.

In 2.1i, the installer delivered the mfc42.dll file to the $XILINX\bin\nt directory; in 3.1i, this has been changed so that this file is delivered to the Windows directory. When the Xilinx tool is run, it first looks for this file in the $XILINX directory. It finds the older file from 2.1i, and assumes that is the one it is to use. As this is not the correct file, the tools will fail.

Therefore, the suggested solution is to completely uninstall all Xilinx software. After doing this, manually remove any files that the uninstall did not remove (with the exception of data or license files). Then, re-install the 3.1i tools. This will create the proper directory and file structure.


You can also attempt to manually remove the errant DLLs from the $XILINX\bin\nt directory; however, this strategy can be problematic in that some files may remain, and these files might still cause issues and errors.
AR# 9403
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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