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3.1i XST - How do I run XST in command line mode?


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How do I run XST in command line mode?


The XST_EXE and XST_HOME variables must be set as follows:

XST_EXE= <path_to_ISE>\bin\nt\xst.exe

XST_HOME= <path_to_ISE>\data\HDLSynthesis\nt

If you have started a Foundation ISE project, you can search for the <project_name>.xst file in

the Project Directory. This file is a text file that XST uses to pass all command line switches. The

<project_name>.xst file refers to a file called "<project_name>.prj". This file contains the paths to

the HDL source files.

After ensuring that the command line switches are correct in the <project_name>.xst file, and that

the source paths are correct in the <project_name>.prj file, you can easily run XST in command

line mode by opening an MSDOS shell and typing "XST -ifn <project_name>.xst" at the prompt.

XST will then read in all of the appropriate files needed to synthesize your design.

For more information about command line usage, please refer to Chapter 8 of the XST User Guide,

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AR# 9457
Date 02/15/2012
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