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4.1i FPGA Editor - How do I enable the "zoom to box" feature on a PC platform?


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General Description:
How do I enable the "zoom to box" feature for FPGA Editor on my PC?

(This feature is available on Workstation platforms by using the middle mouse button.)


Because most PCs have a mouse with only two buttons, it is necessary to adjust the command to perform the "zoom to box" function:

1. Open the fpga_editor.ini file in a text editor (this file resides in the %XILINX%\data directory).

2. Find the following line in the fpga_editor.ini file:

alias [MiddleDrag] "drag zoom"

3. Change that line to read:

alias [Shift+RightDrag] "drag zoom"

Now, when you hold down the Shift key and drag a rectangular box using the right mouse-button in FPGA Editor, the tool will automatically zoom to that box.

NOTE: If FPGA Editor is open while you are editing the fpga_editor.ini file, you must close and re-open FPGA Editor in order for the changes to take effect.
AR# 9486
Date 10/08/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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