AR# 9571


3.1i Solaris Install - Execute privileges/permissions are not set after running the install


Keywords: 3.1i, Solaris, Install, permissions, $XILINX/bin/sol directory,

Urgency: Standard

General Description: After the completion of the 3.1i Solaris Install, a user
tries or runs any Xilinx executable from the 3.1i install location, but none of
the files have execute permission set.


The 3.1i Solaris Installer is script-based. The script initially sets up the environment,
and then makes a call to Netscape. Once the install has completed, the Netscape
window will give a message that install has completed; however, the script in the
terminal window will continue to run, during which time it restores the permissions
on the files that were delivered during the install.

When you receive the message from the Netscape window that the installer has
completed, it is okay to close the Netscape window; but if the terminal window is
closed, the script will be aborted. This will result in the files within $XILINX/bin/sol
not being changed to have execute permission.

To work around to this situation, the user can run $XILINX/.xinstall/mnf/
AR# 9571
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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