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AR# 960

*Obsolete* MAKEBITS, MAKEPROM: file size differ from previous version


Keywords: 5.2, size, prom, bit

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The size of the bit files and mcs prom files that are generated with Makebits and Makeprom v5.2 may be of slightly larger file size (usually 2 bytes), due to a change in the default options when moving from v5.1 to v5.2.

The -lc option's default has changed as follows:

Makebits, Makeprom v5.1 --> -lc=aligned_done
Makebits, Makeprom v5.2 --> -lc=aligned_lc

This will alter the length count, and thus the size of the file. This can create problems for users who have previously written code to generate configuration data for peripheral mode configuration, and this code is expecting the mcs file to be of a particular length.


To generate a bit file and prom file which match those generated with the v5.1 software, run BOTH makebits and makeprom with the -lc=aligned_done

Makebits -lc=aligned_done [other options] <design>.lca
Makeprom -lc=aligned_done [other options] <design>.bit
AR# 960
Date 09/22/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????
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