AR# 9640


4.2i Foundation - The HDL Language Assistant window is empty


Keywords: HDL, template, TMA, TMV, TMW, Language Assistant, Foundation, examples

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I open the HDL Language Assistant, but the template files do not appear. The Language Assistant windows are empty except for the word "Templates."


This problem occurs when the language assistant is unable to find any of the template files. These files (*.tma, *.mV, and *.Mw) are installed in the $XILINX\Active\exe directory by default and must have READ/WRITE permissions to work correctly.

This problem often occurs in network installations because the end user does not have write permissions for the network drive. If a user is logged on as an administrator, all templates appear and are fully useable. However, if the user is logged on as a non-administrator, the templates will not appear.

To work around this network installation issue:
1. Copy files with a .tm* extension from the $XILINX\Active\exe directory to a local directory for which READ/WRITE permissions are available.
2. Edit the Aldec.ini file to point to the local directory.

For example:
AR# 9640
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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