AR# 9697


5.1i CORE Generator - What is the role of COE and MIF files for Virtex and Virtex-II Cores?


General Description:

What is the role of COE and MIF files for memory cores?


For all new cores released in the 3.1i design tools, as well as in all new IP going forward, the following restrictions apply to COE and MIF files:

1. Only COE files may be used as inputs to cores for the purpose of specifying initialization values for memory cores and for specifying coefficient values for filters.

2. MIF files can only be generated as output files for use in HDL behavioral simulations. They cannot be used to specify initial values when a core is generated.

MIF files will always be written out for memory and filter cores (in binary format only), based on values specified in any input COE files (or default values, as the case may be).

- For an example COE file, please see the data sheet provided with the core.

- If you need to add a comment line in the ".coe" file, use ";" at the beginning of the line.
AR# 9697
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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