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LogiCORE RapidIO - What is RapidIO? Does Xilinx have a RapidIO solution?


What is RapidIO? Does Xilinx offer a RapidIO solution?


In a typical embedded system, increasing the CPU speed is only part of a solution for increasing the overall system performance. System performance is greatly impeded by the data bottleneck at the system interconnect level (i.e., the speed at which various components "inside the box" communicate with each other).

RapidIO is an open standard developed to help solve the data bottleneck at the system interconnect level. RapidIO is a point-to-point, packet-switched architecture. As the complexity of peripheral devices increases, the need to move more data faster is driving a trend toward switch fabric-based protocols. The point-to-point architecture of RapidIO allows for more devices to be interconnected and data to be moved with greater speed and efficiency than standards that use shared bus protocols such as PCI.

For information regarding Xilinx's RapidIO solution, please see:

For more information on RapidIO, please see the RapidIO Trade Association's web site at:
AR# 9701
Date 12/15/2012
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