AR# 9798


4.1i Install - Setup program hangs during the installation of a CD or Service Pack


Keywords: CD, 3.1i, Service Pack, install, setup, freeze, hang

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to install a service pack for 3.1i software, the Setup program hangs during file extraction.


The installer for PC systems unpacks the install files to a \TEMP directory specified by your operating system. You must have at least 300 MB of free space to install the software.

NOTE: Drives formatted with standard FAT cluster sizes do not use Disk Drive Space as efficiently as FAT32 or NTFS, and the space needed may be larger.

The TEMP Environment Variable typically defaults to C:\temp. You can check this by opening a DOS window and typing "echo %TEMP%." This will display the path to the TEMP directory. The hard drive on which the TEMP directory resides on must have at least 200 MB of free disk space.

For further information on changing the location of the TEMP directory, see (Xilinx Answer 10538), which discusses changing Environment Variables for PC-based systems.
AR# 9798
Date 11/05/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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