AR# 981


XABEL-CPLD - How do I convert JEDEC files to ABEL?


Keywords: JEDEC, ABEL, convert, XABEL, CPLD

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I convert a JEDEC file to an ABEL file using the XABEL-CPLD software?

(Please note that there is a select list of simple PAL/PLD type devices that can be converted. This does not apply to CPLDs such as the 9500 and XPLA devices.)

XABEL-CPLD and Foundation v1.4 and earlier had this capability.


1. Import the files in to a new project so that they appear in your Sources window.

2. Consult on-line help for either the 7K or 9K device kit. Find the device for which the JEDEC file was generated in the "JEDEC Device Types" help screens. (Use the FIND+ tool to expedite this step.)

3. Highlight the JEDEC file in your Sources window; under the Tools menu on the menu bar, select "Convert JEDEC to ABEL."

4. At the prompt, enter the Device Type that you looked up in Step 2 (i.e., P22V10).

5. There will now be a "file.ABL" in the project directory. In order to merge all the designs, a top-level ABEL file must be created to join each file. Follow the help screens for creating a top-level ABEL file in the ABEL on-line help system (do not use the help screens for the device kit!).
AR# 981
Date 06/26/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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