AR# 982


Error 1140: the design contains X unresolved references


XACT8000 returns the following errors when ran on an hierarchical .edif
file created by Exemplar:

Error 1140: the design contains 4 unresolved references:
LIST the sub-modules,

Error 1500: read: file 'toplevel.edif' doesn't contain a valid


When Exemplar compiles the VHDL code it names all of the
sub-modules in UPPERCASE, but the default naming convention
of files is lowercase. When XACT8000 can't find a sub-module
in the original EDIF file (toplevel.edif), it searchs in the local
directory and then along a variable called EDIF_SEARCH_PATH
to try to find SUBMODULES.edif.

The way to solve this is to change your output file name in
Galileo to UPPERCASE.edif or to move the lowercase.edif files
to UPPERCASE.edif so that XACT8000 can recognize them.

AR# 982
Date 05/01/1996
Status Archive
Type General Article
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