AR# 9820


5.1i iMPACT, Spartan-II - A JTAG verify operation fails with "ERROR: JTag -TOO MANY MISMATCHES...verification aborted..."


Keywords: 3.1i, 3.3i, 4.1i, 4.2i, 5.1i, JTAG Programmer, iMPACT, verify, fails, Spartan-II, mismatches, verification, aborted

When I attempt to perform a JTAG verify operation on a programmed Spartan-II device, errors similar to the following occur:

For 3.1i JTAG Programmer:
"ERROR:JTag - ...TOO MANY MISMATCHES...verification aborted.
ERROR:JTag - !!! FPGA device configuration mismatches bit stream file !!!
'(Device1)': Verification terminated due to errors."

For 4.2i/5.1i iMPACT Programmer:
"ERROR:iMPACT:860-'1'- Data mismatches, Verification Terminated."


The verify operation is not supported for all Spartan-II ES (engineering sample) devices and certain Spartan-II production devices. The Spartan-II Production devices that do not support verify are those with manufacturing codes beginning with "AFP" (UMC fab, .25u process).

To confirm that the configuration has completed successfully, monitor the status of the DONE pin.
AR# 9820
Date 05/23/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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