AR# 984


Foundation: VHDL entry option is not selectable


VHDL is not a selectable option (grayed out) when starting

the HDL Editor or creating a symbol with the New Symbol


This is a licensing issue. The known causes are:

1) VHDL feature was not purchased.

2) Starting the Foundation Project Manager without a Xilinx

security key connected to the parallel port of the PC.

3) Incorrectly programmed or unprogrammed Xilinx security



You will need to quit and restart the Foundation Project

Manager with a correctly programmed security key on your PC's

parallel port.

You can check your key's programming from within the

Foundation Project Manager by selecting Applications ->

Keylock Utility. Both the Foundation and X-VHDL features

must be enabled.
AR# 984
Date 07/09/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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