AR# 986


4.2i Foundation - How do I delete a component from a user library?


Keywords: Foundation, Library, macro

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I delete components from a Foundation user library?


1. Open the Library Manager via one of two methods:

a. In the Project Manager, select Applications -> Library Manager...
b. In the Schematic Editor, select File -> Project Libraries, then click "Lib Manager".

2. In the Library Manager dialog box, select the library from which you wish to delete the component(s).

3. Select Library -> List Objects...

4. In the List Objects dialog box, select the component(s) you wish to delete (use CTRL-click to select multiple components), then click the Delete button.

5. You will be asked if you wish to manually confirm each deletion. If you do want to delete all the selected components, uncheck the checkbox. Click "Delete", then "Continue" to begin deleting components.

6. If you checked the "Confirm Each Object Deletion" box, you will be prompted for each selected component. Click "Yes" to delete the component, or click "No" to abort the deletion of the component.

7. Click "Close", then select File -> Exit. If you called up the Library Manager from the Schematic Editor, click "Close" to close the Libraries dialog box.

8. In the Schematic Editor, ensure that the library listing is current by selecting File -> Update Libraries.
AR# 986
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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