AR# 9936


3.1i NGDBuild - ERROR:Portability:90 - Command line error


Keywords: NgdBuild, error, portability, 90, command, line

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running NGDBuild, the following error occurs:

ERROR:Portability:90 - Command line error: Argument "C:\temp\design.edn"
has an invalid extension. The valid extension is ".ngd". If your file name
has more than one "." in it you must explicitly enter the full file name with
its extension.


This error is usually the result of having a space in the path leading to the
macro search directory. For example, if the macro search path was set to:

C:\Program Files\libraries

NGDBuild would issue the above error.

Xilinx tools do not support any white space in directory or file names. To
work around the problem, do not reference any files with spaces in the path.
AR# 9936
Date 12/07/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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