AR# 9964


3.1i UNIX Install (HP/Solaris) - Service Pack Install: Blank/Null Registration ID


Keywords: 3.1i, UNIX, Install, Solaris, HP, Service Pack, Registration ID,
Blank, Null

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In some instances, my Registration ID is blank/null. These instances include:

1. When I do a "Help -> About" in XILINX applications, it reports that my
Registration ID is blank/null.

2. During a Service Pack Install, I receive a warning about a null Registration ID.

What does this mean, and what should I do about it?


The Registration ID is typically held in the fileset.txt file that exists in the root of
the $XILINX tree. (This is where the Xilinx software was installed.) In some cases,
however, this line might not have been written.

This file can be added manually. A sample file could look like:

Mon May 22 14:20:56 MDT 2000:: product=Alliance
Mon May 22 14:20:56 MDT 2000:: version=v3.1i
Mon May 22 14:20:56 MDT 2000:: Registration_ID=XXXXXXXXXXXX

Sat Sep 23 15:43:11 HPT 100:: product=alliance
Sat Sep 23 15:43:11 HPT 100:: version=3.1i
Sat Sep 23 15:43:11 HPT 100:: cd key=XXXXXXXXXXXX

HP users will not have a Registration_ID line, and should add it manually.
If Solaris users do not have such a line, you should also add it manually.

The 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' number is the Registration ID you received when you
registered your Xilinx Software.

The Service Pack Installer could not find this line, it may have added it for
you. In this case, the line
could exist. Although this will not cause problems, we suggest you add your
Registration ID manually. To do this, edit this file and replace "null" with your
12-digit registration ID. (Do not include dashes.)

Additionally, any warning messages relating to this issue can safely be ignored.
AR# 9964
Date 12/17/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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