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Compiling the XilinxCoreLib Simulation Library
The XilinxCoreLib library is used during functional simulation for designs that contain IP cores created by the CORE Generator™ system. When simulating with a 3rd party simulator the library needs to be compiled. For ISim, the library is precompiled.
Compiling the XilinxCoreLib Library Within ISE
The ISE® design suite has a Compile HDL Simulation Libraries process that can be used to compile the XilinxCoreLib Library. For the procedure to compile the library, see Compiling HDL Simulation Libraries in the ISE Help.
Compiling the XilinxCoreLib Library Using Compxlib
To compile all of the Xilinx® Simulation Libraries, including XilinxCoreLib, Xilinx provides a tool called Compxlib. The Compxlib program is located at $XILINX/bin/platform.
If you want to compile the libraries outside of Project Navigator, you can run the Compxlib program from the command line. For information on Compxlib options and capabilities, see "Compiling Xilinx Simulation Libraries (Compxlib)" in the "Verifying Your Design" chapter of the Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide, or type:
 compxlib -help
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