CORE Generator
Creating a Customized IP Core
Use this procedure to create a customized IP core and add it to your CORE Generator™ project.
To Create a Customized IP Core
  1.  In the IP Catalog window, find the IP to customize. Image
    To help you select the IP to customize:
    •  View the data sheet for a listed IP core by right-clicking the core name in the IP Catalog window and selecting View Data Sheet, or click the View Data Sheet toolbar button Image.
    •  View licensing status information for a licensed core by right-clicking the core name and selecting View License Status, or clicking the View License Status toolbar button Image.
    •  View a licensed core’s product Web page on the Xilinx® website by right-clicking the core name and selecting View Product Webpage, or clicking the View Product Web Page toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the IP Console window, double-click the name of the IP core.
  3.  In the core customization GUI for the IP you selected, set customization options for the IP core.
    •  For information about the customization options, click the Data Sheet button in the core customization GUI. The data sheet that appears explains all of the options.
    •  In some of the customization GUIs, you can view Answer Records related to the IP core by selecting the Web Links panel, then clicking Answer Records for this Core.
  4.  When you are finished setting customization options, click Generate , or select the Customize and Generate toolbar button Image (depends on core).
    If you want to halt the elaboration before it is completed, click the Cancel button in the generation message box.
The IP core is elaborated and the customized IP core appears in the Project IP panel of the IP Catalog window.
A Readme File dialog box appears. The dialog box lists the output files produced when the core was generated and describes each file.
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